Thursday, 29 September 2011

Its been so long

Hi all

Gosh it's been so long since my last update i'm such a naughty blogger and i have no photo's for you... but i can tell you i have had some fantastic results this year with the veg plot, i have just dug up 6lb potatoes, picked 3lb runner beans, 3 red peppers, 2lb tomatoes and about 2lb strawberries, mind you i got a telling off as i am recovering from an operation and i'm not supposed to be digging the garden yet but i was itching to get out there and what with the lovely weather at the moment it just had to be done.

Over the season i have harvested loads and am really pleased with the results.

I will try and get some new photo's for you maybe when i have planted all the winter/spring plants and try not to be such a bad blogger TTFN