Friday, 3 June 2011

New Pond Day 1.....


Well as it's a glorious day today i managed to persuade hubby to start on my new pond, well i started it and he felt guilty and joined in lol, when we did all we could for today i sat there looking at the strawberries i have in a pot thinking i wished i had a strawberry patch well.....that was it up came some more of the old patio and i now have a strawberry patch ready to be dug over lol here are a few photo's taken on day 1......
Where the pond is going

Where the Strawberry patch is going

Not many ripe ones as i keep pinching them every morning lol
Just a few plants in bloom around the garden.

1 comment:

jackiescrafts said...

It's all looking lovely Shaz, hope the pond is all done soon

Hugs Jackie x