Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quick update

Morning all

Well we have had some glorious weather lateley which has helped the veggies come along nicely here are a few photo's of what's happening here in Brum land

My first lettuce and it tasted gorgeous
Present from Helen & Gavin he is solar powered and lights up at night.
Waterfall at night with it's new lighting
So Pretty
Veggies growing nicely

In a months time i shall be entering into the age of not paying to use the bus and i can get free prescriptions yay, i have asked for a new fish pond to go along side the one i already have so i will take photo's of before during and after so keep watching.


jackiescrafts said...

Your garden is looking lovely Shaz

Hugs Jackie x

Lesley said...

Your veggies are doing really well Shaz! Our lettuces are still in the seed packet lol! xx

Anonymous said...


How well your veggies are doing, you must be feding them steriods!!!!!lol..

Love, love, love the waterfall, how beautiful does it look..

Great job hunnie..

Huggies Angel