Friday, 22 April 2011


Hi all

We have decided to have a new waterfall for the pond, a couple of weeks ago the filter wasn't working so we thought it was time we had a new one the one we had was a good one but it was getting on for 20 years old so its about time we changed it don't ya think lol, anyway we changed it from a gravity one to a pressurised one all seemed fine for a couple of days then we noticed the pump was making some funny noises so hubby checked it out and found that it was broke so now a new pump was needed, well we thought we've gone to all this trouble we may as go all the way and have a waterfall something i've always wanted, but then we couldn't agree on what type was it to be a slow meandering one or stepped one or a cascade one.
I've taken a couple of photo's of our progress
This is of the new filter fitted.

How it looked before we added the new waterfall

My wonderful hubby Jim making the new box

Hubby recieving help from our wonderful Son-In-Law Gavin
Fitted but needs a lid

Finished all but for the staining and waiting for the water to find it's natural balance again after we had to refill it.

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jackiescrafts said...

This is looking great Shaz, I would love a water feature but think the dogs would keep going in so not a clever idea for us lol

Hugs Jackie x