Monday, 28 June 2010

* Delicious *

I must say i am rather chuffed to bits with my crops so far, lettuce beautiful and sweet, raddish coming out of my ears and now i have new potatoes this is my 3rd crop i can't wait to eat them i keep forgetting to take a photo lol and now i have cabbage, purple brocoli and peas which i am going to devour tonight for my evening meal but i have to say i think i have been very good especially with the peas as i love to eat them straight from the shell but then again its not evening yet is it lol hmmm will they last till then i'm not sure :o)


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

* Radish & more Radish *

What a lovely crop of radishes i've had, i've got them coming out of my ears there's that many and they are really tasty, also i'm picking a lettuce every week scrumptious... really pleased with the progress of my little veggie patch.