Monday, 24 May 2010

* Catch up *

Hi all
Just a quick catch up of whats been happening over the last month, the salad patch has really taken well, all the seeds i planted are growing fast will soon be eating healthy lol.

The veggies are growing well too after a shaky start, i went away for a weeks holiday only to come home and find the pidgeons had had a party with my veg but they have picked up well again.
And here are just a few of my lovely plants.
I'm not sure what this is called but i love it, it comes up every year and is just a ball of pink
Chocolate hookera
I had a lovely suprise when i saw a pair of goldfinches land on my feeder i just about managed to get the camera and take a couple of piccies, they must be nesting nearby as they are now visiting everyday.
And here is a blackbird hoping for a drink, hubby took this photo

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jackiescrafts said...

Your garden is looking lovely and your veggies are coming on a pace

Hugs Jackie x