Tuesday, 13 April 2010

* veggies in full swing *

Well what a differance a couple of weeks can make!! beautiful sunshine although a little chilly in the wind.

My little veggie patch is coming along nicely with Runner beans, peas, cabbage, sprouts, purple sprouting brocoli, potatoes, carrotts, parsnips, radish, spring onions, beetroot, lettuce and mixed salad leaves all planted and growing lovely, can't wait to harvest them.
The potatoes, carrotts and parsnips i am growing in large tubs so when the potatoes are ready i can lift the plant, take off what i need and the replace the plant.

I'm pleased that my magnolia has survived its move, something i didn't want to do last year but had to so it was a case of move it or loose it altogether and although it hasn't as many flowers as usual at least it didn't die.

The flowering cherry is full of buds this year i'm so looking forward to seeing this in full bloom.


Bernie said...

Your vegies look happy and healthy ... coming along nicely. Just loved the magnolia and cherry bloom photos ... they are not common sights here so I enjoyed your shots.

Lesley said...

Your veggies are doing well Shaz! We have an allotment so Mick goes and does all that and disappears for hours on end! Glad your magnolia survived its move! xx