Saturday, 17 April 2010

* Tomatoes are go *

Another lovely day and the greenhouse has had its anual clean and is now planted out with tomatoes and cucumbers, i decided this year to try out several varieties of tomatoes so that next year i can just grow the ones i like the most.


Bernie said...

All systems are definitely GO ... it's all looking terrific. Will be interested to see which ones do best.

Anonymous said...

Hehe - tomatos and cucumbers are GO! It's funny how tiny the look when they first go in their grow bags :0)

jackiescrafts said...

Your tomatoes are much further on than mine, as are all the rest of your veg, mine are only just starting to poke their heads through the soil

It's all looking brilliant

Hugs Jackie x

Lesley said...

I think there is nothing better than home grown tomatoes, I love them! Good luck with yours, ours are planted up too xx