Sunday, 21 March 2010

* Spring has finally sprung *

Well today is 21st March officially the first day of spring also today is my 40th wedding anniversary and they said it wouldn't last.

The daffys in the garden are now doing really well after a very slow start, so are the miniature daffys but i don't think you can see the differance in the photo the top photo are the mini daffs.

And the fish have awoken from their cold winter slumber and seem to be  very hungry

Saturday, 6 March 2010

* Bit more done *

Wow!!! what a change in the weather, we've had a glorious few days sunshine although still very chilly but i'm not complaining and it's so lovely to hear all the birds twittering away.
Managed to get a bit more digging done on the veggie patch just need to get the fertiliser worked in now and with the help of hubby we put some fencing up to a fashion to keep the dogs off... a bit more work to be done there i think but it will do for now, i'm fed up of mopping the kitchen floor of muddy paws lol.
Remember that old fer tree stump i found behind the aviary well its now a bird feader am chuffed with it i just need to get a couple more hangers for it but the blue tits love it already i  had 7 all at once on it this morning thats a record for me, no joy as yet with my nest boxes though but i'm still hopeful.
Sadly we lost one of the large white goldfish today.