Monday, 15 February 2010

* Work in progress *

It started out quite a nice morning yesterday so decided to start digging the new veggie plot, pleased with the amount i managed to dig but,Oh boy am i paying for it now i ache in places i didn't know i had places to ache but its getting there slowly as i'm only allowed to do a little at a time in case it makes my MD flare up.
Shame i didn't have my camera handy whilst digging as i had a very friendly spectator waiting for the odd worm to be snaffled up...yep you guessed it a robin.. 
when we dismantled the aviary we found this fern tree trunk, i'm hoping to make it into a new bird feeding station with the help of hubby of course.
On my wander around the garden today i spotted some new begginings so spring is definatley on it's way at last...



Lesley said...

I hope you didn't overdo the digging Shaz! My digging days are gone so hubby has to do that! xx

Bernie said...

Sounds like you put in a good day's work ... hope you're pleased with the results. It looks like quite a big spot for your vegie garden ... thought about what you're going to plant yet?