Tuesday, 9 February 2010

* In Retirement *

A bitterly cold day today and so i have decided it's time to retire my last remaining Cockatiels, they have been brilliant parents to many chicks over the years along with other Cockatiels i have had in the aviary, but this pair are my only remaining pair and so thought it time to put them into retirement, they have a nice new cage for them to share and i think they will be happy together in it.

So now the aviary has gone i have a spare plot of land to which i intend to put to good use and make it into a veggie patch so watch this space lol.


My fabulous hubby has put me a new tit box up and i'm so excited as this one has a camera in it now all i want are the birds to take up residence.

After sitting watching the garden birds today i was pleasantly surprised to see a coal tit i know these little birds are doing well in the wild but i have never had one in my garden so either i am doing something right with what selection of seeds and nuts i am putting out or they are having to look father a field to find food (not sure which) but hope its me.



Warren Baker said...

Well done on putting up the bird box! You should have hours of fun!

Lesley said...

Oh how fab Shaz to have a camera in the bird box! I hope you get some new residents! We often get coal tits in the garden and a lovely flock of long tailed tits visit often too! xx

Green Lane Allotments said...

I'd love to have a camera in my bird box but whichever box I chose to put it in I can guarantee the birds would choose a different one to nest in!