Sunday, 21 February 2010

* Snow more snow and still more snow *

I woke up to the white stuff again this morning, we've had more this time than a couple of days ago, it's still snowing and we have lots more to come today and tomorrow.
Here are a couple of photo's taken at 6:30 this morning.

Monday, 15 February 2010

* Work in progress *

It started out quite a nice morning yesterday so decided to start digging the new veggie plot, pleased with the amount i managed to dig but,Oh boy am i paying for it now i ache in places i didn't know i had places to ache but its getting there slowly as i'm only allowed to do a little at a time in case it makes my MD flare up.
Shame i didn't have my camera handy whilst digging as i had a very friendly spectator waiting for the odd worm to be snaffled up...yep you guessed it a robin.. 
when we dismantled the aviary we found this fern tree trunk, i'm hoping to make it into a new bird feeding station with the help of hubby of course.
On my wander around the garden today i spotted some new begginings so spring is definatley on it's way at last...


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

* In Retirement *

A bitterly cold day today and so i have decided it's time to retire my last remaining Cockatiels, they have been brilliant parents to many chicks over the years along with other Cockatiels i have had in the aviary, but this pair are my only remaining pair and so thought it time to put them into retirement, they have a nice new cage for them to share and i think they will be happy together in it.

So now the aviary has gone i have a spare plot of land to which i intend to put to good use and make it into a veggie patch so watch this space lol.


My fabulous hubby has put me a new tit box up and i'm so excited as this one has a camera in it now all i want are the birds to take up residence.

After sitting watching the garden birds today i was pleasantly surprised to see a coal tit i know these little birds are doing well in the wild but i have never had one in my garden so either i am doing something right with what selection of seeds and nuts i am putting out or they are having to look father a field to find food (not sure which) but hope its me.