Sunday, 31 January 2010

* RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch *

A very frosty cold morning here and so i decided to do my 1 hours watch, got the heating going in the conservatory, my bino's, pen & list, hot cuppa tea and the rug settled down to watch the birds and guess started snowing.. but never mind i was by now nice and warm just in time to watch next doors cat arrive in the garden along with his mate.. then the grey squirrel arrived to take his share of the offerings but i did have a pleasant suprise during my hours watch.. a song thrush appeared i haven't had one of these beautiful birds in my garden for a very long time so i was thriled, i tried to take a photo but my crappy little camera was not powerful enough to focus on it, never mind i had a really enjoyable hour.
Here are my results
Collared Dove...1
Great Tit...2
House Sparrow...13
Song Thrush...1
Blue Tit...3  


Anonymous said...

Woo that's alot of birds Shaz and how nice you could watch it all in warmth and comfort - you should do it more often!!

I love your blog header there - what a fabulous picture.

And trust the cat to arrive just as you are settling down for your bird watch lol

Shell x

Midmarsh John said...

Great to catch a view of a Song Thrush. I only see one very rarely in the garden. Three Dunnocks as well. For a while I had two but I seem to be back down to one regular again.

Beautiful sunset on your last posting, especially with the Moon in view as well. Hope you get some residents in your nest boxes.

shirl said...

Hi there Shaz! You had a good variety there for your count and as John said it's great the Song thrush made it too :-)

I also agree with John about your sunset shots and wishing you success with your nestboxes this year. Your feeding station looks good there so you must have a good chance :-D

I see you're not new to blogging. Will look forward to following your new garden journal year :-D

Lesley said...

We did the birdwatch too Shaz! Amazing how many birds appeared after we had finished the hour, including a black cap! xx

Warren Baker said...

11 species in an hour is a good score.

I like your ''till spring countdown'' :-)

Green Lane Allotments said...

We do the bird watch every year and swear lots of birds lie low just for the occasion

Muhammad khabbab said...

I just reached your blog from somewhere and i found it quite interesting. This one is an interesting post, seems like you had one hell of a bird watch, good count. Happy blogging.

Miranda Bell said...

I've just discovered your blog via Blotanical - some lovely photos and your birds are obviously very spoilt... no wonder you've so many!! Enjoy... Miranda