Wednesday, 20 October 2010

* Update *

Ohhh i have been a very naughty blogger it's been a while since i last posted but i do have a good excuse i have been very busy helping with the arrangements for our Daughters wedding which went beautiful plus i laid a new floor in my craft room yes i did say i lol but more importantly i have been kept very busy eating all my fabulous veg can't believe what a success i have had in my first year, overloaded with runner beans and the peas never even made the saucepan lol i just sat in the garden eating them mmmmm lovely.
I have planted out some spring cabbage, still got carrots and parsnips to come up but my sprouts I'm sad to report have not done very well at all, will maybe try again next year.

A white Dhalia that my daughter gave me out of her garden  


Monday, 28 June 2010

* Delicious *

I must say i am rather chuffed to bits with my crops so far, lettuce beautiful and sweet, raddish coming out of my ears and now i have new potatoes this is my 3rd crop i can't wait to eat them i keep forgetting to take a photo lol and now i have cabbage, purple brocoli and peas which i am going to devour tonight for my evening meal but i have to say i think i have been very good especially with the peas as i love to eat them straight from the shell but then again its not evening yet is it lol hmmm will they last till then i'm not sure :o)


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

* Radish & more Radish *

What a lovely crop of radishes i've had, i've got them coming out of my ears there's that many and they are really tasty, also i'm picking a lettuce every week scrumptious... really pleased with the progress of my little veggie patch.

Monday, 24 May 2010

* Catch up *

Hi all
Just a quick catch up of whats been happening over the last month, the salad patch has really taken well, all the seeds i planted are growing fast will soon be eating healthy lol.

The veggies are growing well too after a shaky start, i went away for a weeks holiday only to come home and find the pidgeons had had a party with my veg but they have picked up well again.
And here are just a few of my lovely plants.
I'm not sure what this is called but i love it, it comes up every year and is just a ball of pink
Chocolate hookera
I had a lovely suprise when i saw a pair of goldfinches land on my feeder i just about managed to get the camera and take a couple of piccies, they must be nesting nearby as they are now visiting everyday.
And here is a blackbird hoping for a drink, hubby took this photo

Saturday, 17 April 2010

* Tomatoes are go *

Another lovely day and the greenhouse has had its anual clean and is now planted out with tomatoes and cucumbers, i decided this year to try out several varieties of tomatoes so that next year i can just grow the ones i like the most.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

* cheeky pigeon *

Managed to get a photo of this cheeky pigeon trying to pinch the sunflower hearts, at one stage i thought he was going to get his head stuck.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

* veggies in full swing *

Well what a differance a couple of weeks can make!! beautiful sunshine although a little chilly in the wind.

My little veggie patch is coming along nicely with Runner beans, peas, cabbage, sprouts, purple sprouting brocoli, potatoes, carrotts, parsnips, radish, spring onions, beetroot, lettuce and mixed salad leaves all planted and growing lovely, can't wait to harvest them.
The potatoes, carrotts and parsnips i am growing in large tubs so when the potatoes are ready i can lift the plant, take off what i need and the replace the plant.

I'm pleased that my magnolia has survived its move, something i didn't want to do last year but had to so it was a case of move it or loose it altogether and although it hasn't as many flowers as usual at least it didn't die.

The flowering cherry is full of buds this year i'm so looking forward to seeing this in full bloom.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

* Spring has finally sprung *

Well today is 21st March officially the first day of spring also today is my 40th wedding anniversary and they said it wouldn't last.

The daffys in the garden are now doing really well after a very slow start, so are the miniature daffys but i don't think you can see the differance in the photo the top photo are the mini daffs.

And the fish have awoken from their cold winter slumber and seem to be  very hungry

Saturday, 6 March 2010

* Bit more done *

Wow!!! what a change in the weather, we've had a glorious few days sunshine although still very chilly but i'm not complaining and it's so lovely to hear all the birds twittering away.
Managed to get a bit more digging done on the veggie patch just need to get the fertiliser worked in now and with the help of hubby we put some fencing up to a fashion to keep the dogs off... a bit more work to be done there i think but it will do for now, i'm fed up of mopping the kitchen floor of muddy paws lol.
Remember that old fer tree stump i found behind the aviary well its now a bird feader am chuffed with it i just need to get a couple more hangers for it but the blue tits love it already i  had 7 all at once on it this morning thats a record for me, no joy as yet with my nest boxes though but i'm still hopeful.
Sadly we lost one of the large white goldfish today.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

* Snow more snow and still more snow *

I woke up to the white stuff again this morning, we've had more this time than a couple of days ago, it's still snowing and we have lots more to come today and tomorrow.
Here are a couple of photo's taken at 6:30 this morning.

Monday, 15 February 2010

* Work in progress *

It started out quite a nice morning yesterday so decided to start digging the new veggie plot, pleased with the amount i managed to dig but,Oh boy am i paying for it now i ache in places i didn't know i had places to ache but its getting there slowly as i'm only allowed to do a little at a time in case it makes my MD flare up.
Shame i didn't have my camera handy whilst digging as i had a very friendly spectator waiting for the odd worm to be snaffled up...yep you guessed it a robin.. 
when we dismantled the aviary we found this fern tree trunk, i'm hoping to make it into a new bird feeding station with the help of hubby of course.
On my wander around the garden today i spotted some new begginings so spring is definatley on it's way at last...


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

* In Retirement *

A bitterly cold day today and so i have decided it's time to retire my last remaining Cockatiels, they have been brilliant parents to many chicks over the years along with other Cockatiels i have had in the aviary, but this pair are my only remaining pair and so thought it time to put them into retirement, they have a nice new cage for them to share and i think they will be happy together in it.

So now the aviary has gone i have a spare plot of land to which i intend to put to good use and make it into a veggie patch so watch this space lol.


My fabulous hubby has put me a new tit box up and i'm so excited as this one has a camera in it now all i want are the birds to take up residence.

After sitting watching the garden birds today i was pleasantly surprised to see a coal tit i know these little birds are doing well in the wild but i have never had one in my garden so either i am doing something right with what selection of seeds and nuts i am putting out or they are having to look father a field to find food (not sure which) but hope its me.


Sunday, 31 January 2010

* RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch *

A very frosty cold morning here and so i decided to do my 1 hours watch, got the heating going in the conservatory, my bino's, pen & list, hot cuppa tea and the rug settled down to watch the birds and guess started snowing.. but never mind i was by now nice and warm just in time to watch next doors cat arrive in the garden along with his mate.. then the grey squirrel arrived to take his share of the offerings but i did have a pleasant suprise during my hours watch.. a song thrush appeared i haven't had one of these beautiful birds in my garden for a very long time so i was thriled, i tried to take a photo but my crappy little camera was not powerful enough to focus on it, never mind i had a really enjoyable hour.
Here are my results
Collared Dove...1
Great Tit...2
House Sparrow...13
Song Thrush...1
Blue Tit...3  

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Oh What a Sky!!!

I managed to get this photo the other evening..nearly gave my self heart attack as i had to run up stairs to get my camera but it was well worth it.
Got a bid fed up yesterday so hubby took me to the garden centre and treated me to 3 new nest boxes and other treats... can't wait to see what takes up residence i'm hoping it will be either the Robin or the Dunnock and Blue or Great Tits in their little homes.

Well it seems that the fish have survived the winter i am pleased to say and with no ill effects, my Cockatiel was quite chirpy this morning too doing a bit of necking with his mate.

I've printed off my counting sheet in readyness for the BIG GARDEN BIRDWATCH for the RSPB this weekend 30th-31st Jan Everyone is invited to spend just one hour during the weekend to count the birds that visit the garden, never joined in before so i'm quite looking forward to it.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

* January Journal *

Afternoon all

Bbbbrrrrr this cold weather is still with us and we are expecting lots more snow over the weekend.
This is my calendar journal i am making hope you like it.

Take care out there peoples xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

* January 5th 2010 *

Well what a great start to the New Year the coldest it's been for many many years and wow!!! what a lot of snow.. i think everybody in the uk must have had some snow this winter so here are a few photo's of my poor garden during the big freeze.

My poor fish pond is completley frozen over hope the fish are ok don't want to loose my beautiful koi carp.

The last photo is a view from the front garden which was taken after just 10 minutes of the snow falling.