Sunday, 12 April 2015


Well where have i been for the last 12 months ???

Building bird aviaries that's what i have been doing, i used to breed birds many years ago up until we got ourselves a caravan and you can't go away every weekend and expect others to look after your birds so the birds went :( but now the caravan has gone the birds are back here are a few photo's of the aviaries and birds

But i wasn't happy with these aviaries and so they came down and with my hubby of course we built a new bigger 1 

It has encroached a little on my veg garden but not too much 
It was a lot of hard work but well worth it 

I also got myself a new greenhouse and i am so enjoying watching everything spring up can't wait to get planting 

Hopefully now all the building work is finished i can update a bit more often 
have a great sowing season hope the weather is good to you 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hard days work

The daffys have gone and now the tulips are all up 
These are the ones in the centre tub

These are in the back garden

And the Rununculas are coming up too

Iv'e worked very hard today on the veggie patch digging and raking, where does all the rubble come from no matter how many times i dig the patch i dig up bricks and broken slabs lol
Here is my efforts and now for a well earned soak
Tomatoes, Cue Lettuce and radish all planted in the greenhouse, lets hope i have a better year this year.

Monday, 31 March 2014

* Where have i been *

Hello peeps
Oh my goodness i can't believe it's been over twelve months since my last post where have i been all this time!
Well not done much garden wise, was diagnosed with diabetes so i have been trying to get that under control i think i am succeeding slowly.
I have had a makeover on the front garden having block paving work done and planted over a 1000 bulbs a mix of Daffs, Tulips & Crocus the photo's above are the first year showings hope next year when they have established they will look even better.
The veg patch is looking good have just planted the first crop of potatoes and the strawberries have had a tidy up.
just need to finish digging over the veg patch ready for beans, cabbage, brocoli, kale speaking of kale my crop last year was brilliant still have loads in the freezer, beans will also go in soon.
Looking forward to the new season 
Hope you are too good luck.

Monday, 21 January 2013

January Snow

Hi all

O.M.G what a few days we have had with the snow, here are a few piccies.

Snowman i built, i know i know i'm crazy a 61yr old woman still building snowmen but i don't care i loved it.
It snowed all day so when it finally stopped i went out and built him his name is
Jeremiah January Snow

The next day it snowed all day and all night and here is poor Jeremiah January Snow R.I.P

Here are few more piccies of the garden, i'm hoping to go out later to take some of surrounding area if it stops snowing that is

Hope you are all ok and are staying safe and warm
Please take care xx

Don't Forget To Feed The Birds

Friday, 27 July 2012

New border & Bird table

Hi all
A lovely week of gardening at last the weather has turned for the good

Just a couple of photo's to share of the  new borders that we put along side the path in the back garden and a new bird table my Son-in-law has made me

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rain, rain & more rain :(

Hi all

Well what a miserable summer we are having... my plant are not doing very well at all they are getting too much watering this year, still it saved me getting the hose pipe out lol
Here are a few photo's of my garden during the latest storm

Poppies before the storm

Poppies after the storm

As you can see it's a bit wet but thankfully only the garden got wet and not my home like many others have suffered 

stay safe everyone xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hi all

Plenty going on in the garden especially now we have had a few days of rain, have planted peas, beans, cabbage & lettuce yummm

The flowering cherry is full of blossom this year

And the fish are eagerly looking for food aftter their winter snooze

Heres Ruby squinting in the sunshine or have i caught her napping?

Right...i'm off to plant some sweet peas, hope you all have a lovely day.